Baby Face Band Blue Review (Baby Face Band)

Baby Face Band Blue
What It Is

The Baby Face Band is a baby and toddler product that may prevent the sharing of germs. It's a sippy cup label that you customize with a photo of your child. It was designed for little ones to easily recognize their sippy cup from other kids' cups. Kids may not be able to read their names but beginning at about age 1, they can recognize a picture of themselves. Baby Face Band is a reusable, non-adhesive band that fits all standard-size sippy cups. Parents put their child's photo in the plastic insert on the band, making it easy for children to recognize their cup. You can use a photo you have and cut it to the correct size or you can upload a photo to the Baby Face Band website, size it, crop it, and even add your child's name to it and print it from there. Baby Face Bands are available in different colors including pink, purple, green, red, and blue. Each is sold separately.

Why Is It Useful?

We honestly don't know if this would prevent kids from sipping from someone else's sippy cup, but we still really like the concept. It would be great to use these at a day care or preschool where there are multiple cups to keep track of. We also like how well thought out this product was. The plastic insert for the photo is water tight to protect against sippy cup leaks.

Who It’s For

These are not age-graded because they are not toys.

What To Be Aware Of

We found the website easy to use though we had to crop the picture and print it a few times to get the size right. Since it's easily customizable, you can change the picture as your child grows.

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