Nancy B's Science Club Crime Solver Scope and Forensic Activity Journal Review (Educational Insights)

Nancy B's Science Club Crime Solver Scope and Forensic Activity Journal
What It Is

Nancy B's Science Club aims to make science exciting for girls through science kits that include working tools in color schemes and designs along with science activities that appeal to girls. The Crime Solver Scope and Forensic Activity Journal helps kids master mystery-solving techniques. The kit comes with a telescope with a telescoping barrel that slides out to view distant objects up to five times larger and slides in to magnify closer objects up to 15 times larger. The scope also has a pocket clip so that kids can explore wherever they go. Kids can use this two-in-one microscope/telescope to examine evidence and explore forensic mystery-solving techniques in the included 22-page Forensic Activity Journal. The journal includes fingerprinting activities, counterfeit money detection, cloth fiber and hair identification, surveillance techniques, and more. The journal includes space for drawing, recording data, and writing your own mystery story.

Is It Fun?

Kids will love that this kit gives them their own tools for exploring just like a real forensic scientist. The microscope/telescope worked okay, but you need to make sure you are using it in an area with lots of light. We had difficulty sharpening the focus, and our lens also had some black dust or something on the inside. The activity journal is a lot of fun, though, and you wouldn't need to use the scope if you didn't want to. The journal engages kids in scientific exploration and creative play while introducing scientific concepts in an age-appropriate way.

Who It’s For

The Nancy B's Science Club Crime Solver Scope and Forensic Activity Journal is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Some of the experiments in the activity journal require additional supplies, which are not included.

Even though this kit is designed for young girls, there is no pink. Instead, the color scheme is turquoise, black, and purple, which could also appeal to boys.

Do not view the sun through the scope. Doing so could cause serious eye damage.

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