Photo Mix & Mash Review (Crayola)

Photo Mix & Mash
What It Is

Crayola's Photo Mix & Mash is a set of three digital tools that work with the free Crayola Photo Mix & Mash app. Using a digital pen, digital stamper, and digital morphing tool, kids can morph and manipulate pictures on their Windows 8 Touch Tablet, Android Touch Tablet, iPad, or iPad Mini.

Once you've purchased the digital tools, go to to download the free app and use the digital stamper to unlock the app. Take a picture or use one already in your device's photo gallery and get ready to create. Using the digital pen, kids can draw and color on their photos and even cut out parts of photos or trace around a person to remove the background. When you drag the digital morpher across the screen, it will stretch and distort the image. Touch the digital stamper to the screen to add your choice of 25 different digital images to your picture. Some of the images are animated and with others, you can record your own sound to be played whenever they are tapped.

When you're done, save your completed creations to your device's photo gallery, email your image to friends and family directly from the app, or print your picture directly from the app. (A printer will need to be wirelessly connected to your device.) Then, store and carry your tools in the included pouch.

Is It Fun?

Photo Mix & Mash is an easy way for kids to get creative. There's a lot that kids can do with this app, and they'll love using the digital and virtual tools to edit and add silly effects to their pictures.

Who It’s For

Photo Mix & Mash is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional tools, such as photo effects, stamps, fonts, drawing tools, borders, and backgrounds, are available through an in-app purchase.

In order for the digital pen to work, you really have to press down hard on the screen, which can be a little frustrating.

The Crayola Photo Mix & Mash app is available in the App Store, Windows Store, and Google Play. It works on iPad (1, 2, 3, and 4), iPad Mini, Windows 8 Touch Tablets, and Android Touch Tablets. It will not work with the iPhone, Windows 8 phones, or Android smartphones.

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