Vim 16 Dog Calming Toy Review (Calmr Dog)

Vim 16 Dog Calming Toy
What It Is

The Vim 16 is a multi-purpose dog toy resembling 3 beanbags linked together lengthwise, with a handle on each end. It is meant to help energetic or anxious big dogs calm down by tiring them out through fun play. The construction of the Vim 16 is extremely resilient and sturdy. The durable fabric and stitching is made to withstand heavy play. That being said, it is not a toy for chewing, strictly speaking, so Calmr Dog recommends you remove it once playtime is over. Some mouth gripping is totally expected though, and the natural crushed walnut shell filling and fabric make the Vim 16 soft on dog mouths. The most defining trait of the Vim 16 is its weight, at 1 pound, it'll give your dog a workout!

TTPM Dogs Haley and Ollie tried out the Vim 16. Haley is a very anxious pup, so theoretically the Vim 16 would be ideal for her. Thankfully that very much was the case! Haley loved to play tug of war and otherwise just shake the toy around on her own. And true to form, it did the trick in tiring Haley out after a good play session. Ollie enjoyed carrying the Vim 16 around the house due to the weight, though we did have to keep an eye on him as he mainly liked to chew on it. A couple of our smaller dogs showed interest, but it was too heavy. For them, there's always the half pound Vim 8, also from Calmr Dog!

Is It Fun?

Our dogs loved it! You can actively participate in playtime by playing tug of war, or let your dog swing the Vim 16 around and tucker themselves out.

Who It’s For

The Vim 16 is great for bigger dogs who have anxiety or an overabundance of energy.

What To Be Aware Of

- A smaller model, the Vim 8, is available for smaller dogs. The Vim 8 weighs half a pound.

- The manufacturer explicitly states that the Vim 16 is not designed to be a chew toy. When playtime is over, remove the toy from the space to ensure longevity.

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