Cat Puzzle Feeder Review (Doc & Phoebe's Cat Co.)

Cat Puzzle Feeder
What It Is

The Puzzle Feeder is a toy designed to integrate play into your cat's mealtime and to slow down the rate at which they eat. The entire thing is constructed of semi-translucent plastic, and has multiple levels of square compartments in which you place treats or kibble. Your cat will need to use their paws to scoop the treats out, slowing down the rate at which they eat. To ensure that your cat uses their paws, each compartment has at least one subdividing "nub," making it too narrow for your cat to use their mouth. The boxes at the back are deeper and more challenging than those at the front and to increase the challenge a bit more, the boxes at the sides have plastic lids that your cat will need to lift before they can get at the food. The bottom has suction cups to keep the entire assembly anchored to the floor.

TTPM Cats Sansa and Pickles tried out the Puzzle Feeder. Sansa--our food motivated cat--greatly enjoyed using it as a snack cabinet, whereas Pickles--our play motivated cat--enjoyed it as a puzzle challenge. Pickles has always used her eyes more than her nose so the translucent plastic construction was nice; she's definitely more interested if she can see her objective. As an actual feeder, we ran into a couple of challenges. Because we have two cats, they refused to use this simultaneously and instead opted to take turns. Sansa also figured out that the suction cups don't work well on wood floors and twice flipped the entire thing on its side, dumping out all the treats. We would recommend stationing this on tile or laminate so that the suction cups hold better. However, we did come up with a system that worked for everyone: putting less in their bowl and then having the second course in the Puzzle Feeder. Now Sansa and Pickles are playing nice!

Is It Fun?

The Puzzle Feeder is fun for cats and useful for humans. Clean up is simple, so long as you have a tile or laminate floor.

Who It’s For

The Puzzle Feeder is great for most cats! Whether they're food or play motivated, they'll find something to enjoy about the Puzzle Feeder.

What To Be Aware Of

- The suction cups work best on a perfectly flat floor. Tile and laminate floors are ideal. Wipe the surface clean before sticking.

- Changing standard feeding procedures in conjunction with use of the Puzzle Feeder will yield best results.

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