Monster Jam RC Mega Megalodon Review (Spin Master)

Monster Jam RC Mega Megalodon
What It Is

The Mega Megalodon is a 1:6 scale replica of the actual Megalodon Monster Truck, and is over two feet in length! The shark body has a nice matte texture, and is well detailed with faux windows, beady shark eyes, and the Megalodon logo. The structure is a very pleasing electric blue with pearlescent gray struts and exhaust pipes to boot. The tires are made of a light, but dense and sturdy foam and an exterior strip of rubber treads, which helps the RC travel on any terrain. This shark doesn't like water though, so keep it away from anywhere wet!

To start, you'll need 2 AAA batteries, which are not included, and you'll need to charge the Meg via a USB cord underneath the truck. Once you're all charged, turn the controller and truck on and you'll be in business. The truck travels at a perfect speed, not too slow, but not overly fast either. The turn radius is less wide than you might expect, but due to the size, you should still anticipate and start your turns early. In general, the controls are pretty snappy for such a big RC! If you ever encounter drift, there is a way to fix it easily on the controller itself. Thanks to the rubber treads on the huge tires, difficult terrain will never pose a problem for you. Just make sure to periodically clean the tires with a damp towel if they get dirty.

Is It Fun?

This RC truck is tons of fun to drive on road, off road, and anywhere in-between. Nothing can stop this leviathan!

Who It’s For

The Monster Jam RC Mega Megalodon is great for kids age 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

- Be sure and grab 2 AAA batteries before hand. Also, plug the Megalodon in for a healthy charge out of the box before taking it for a joyride.

- Despite the light weight and the material of the tires, this RC is not meant for water travel. Do NOT use it in or on water.

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