BarkBox Star Wars Light Side Dog Toys Review (BarkBox)

BarkBox Star Wars Light Side Dog Toys
What It Is

These three chew toys are all made of a similar kind of fuzzy fabric, and are covered in printed and embroidered detail. In the case of Chewbacca, he is extra furry all over! R2-D2 comes in two parts and can be displayed as either clean, or covered in the marsh detritus of Dagobah. Both R2 and Jabba have squeakers inside, and Chewie and Jabba share crinkly paper in their core. And of course, each one is stuffed generously with fluff. The cartoonish rendition of these classic characters is very charming, but wait, aren't these toys for your dog? Right...of course!

TTPM Dogs Piper and Lexi tried out all three toys, and they loved them! As soon as they heard the telltale squeak, they would immediately come over and try to wrest the toy from our hand. All three toys got a good amount of play, but R2 and Jabba got the brunt of it, as they included a squeaker. However, these bright flames burned out quickly. By the end of the second week, the toys were open, and fluff was strewn about the floor. It didn't help that Lexi's friend Hope came over and introduced a third pair of teeth into the equation. Overall, the toys were a big hit, especially with their noisemaking properties, but they we not built to last a super long time.

Is It Fun?

These toys are a lot of fun for your dog, especially if they love noisemaking toys. However, don't expect them to last an eternity; except an even shorter lifespan if you're a multi-dog household!

Who It’s For

The plush from the special Star Wars BarkBox are great for dogs who aren't super destructive chewers. Of course, it also helps to have an owner who is a Star Wars nut!

What To Be Aware Of

- The $35.99 price point assumes a 1 month subscription to BarkBox, and the cost also nets you several different packages of treats. The plush are but a fraction of the cost, but the only way to get them is by purchasing the entire box of goodies. If you are a multi-month subscriber of BarkBox already, then this price will be even lower for you.

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