Crinkit Dog Toy Review (Ruff Dawg)

Crinkit Dog Toy
What It Is

The Crinkit is a durable, rubber-like cylinder with flared edges on either side. Within the cylinder is an empty water bottle, an ideal noise making tool for dogs. The bottle inside provides pups with the satisfying crunch and crinkle noises they crave, while the durable FDA-approved rubber shell casing protects their teeth from harm, and makes it safe to gnaw and chew. The Crinkit not only comes in 4 different neon colors, but it also comes in two different sizes, the regular 5 and a half inch Crinkit, and 9 and a half inch Crinkit XL variety. No dog should feel left out!

TTPM Dogs Lexi, Piper, and Xena gave the Crinkits a try. As of the writing of this review, it's Lexi's current favorite toy. After a few weeks of play, some damage is visible, but not a lot; Lexi tempers her bites and chews more softly just to savor the crinkles. Even the regular size is a little big for Piper, but she still enjoys carrying it around the house sometimes. Xena, much like Lexi, loves the Crinkit. She too tempers her chewing and just enjoys the sounds. The crinkle sound does occasionally bother Xena's anxious house sibling Haley. Be mindful if you have another dog who's more sensitive to sounds.

Is It Fun?

Our dogs love the Crinkit! The outer rubber makes it safe to chew, and the inner water bottle makes it fun to chew.

Who It’s For

The Crinkit is great for small to medium dogs who love crunchy noisemakers and some moderately heavy level chewing. The XL variant is recommended for the same type of dog, but medium to large size.

What To Be Aware Of

- Obviously, if your dog is very sensitive and made nervous by noise, the Crinket may not be a good fit. Also bear this in mind if you have one dog who would like the Crinket, and one dog who may not.

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