Construction Site and Port Terminal Transport Playsets Review (iPlay, iLearn)

Construction Site and Port Terminal Transport Playsets
What It Is

Build and play all day with two new vehicle playsets geared toward kids who love trucks and boats.

The Construction Site Playset is jam-packed with 52 play pieces, including a cement truck, a digger/excavator, a transport truck, a fuel truck, and two road graders. The road graders have interchangeable parts, including a forklift, snow plow, and scoop bucket for even more ways to play. Plus, there's a working crane with a suction cup base to keep it sturdy and steady during play. This set also comes with a lot of accessories, from traffic cones and barricades to tools and pretend rocks. And while it doesn't show this on the package or instructions, our set came with four construction worker figures and hard hats. The storage box unfolds to be used as a playmat. Fold it back to store all the pieces inside when playtime is over.

The Port Terminal has 67 play pieces for playing out cargo transportation by land and sea. The set includes a transport ship, shipping containers, a flatbed truck, a logging truck, a loader crane, and a forklift. Plus, there are four figures and lots of accessories, from barricades to cargo. Some of the pieces have two ways to play, such as the flatbed truck being used to carry logs or shipping containers, and there being two accessories for the forklift.

Is It Fun?

Both of these playsets come with a lot of pieces and will definitely keep kids engaged in lots of imaginative play. These are good for helping small hands develop fine motor skills and encouraging creative storytelling.

Who It’s For

This playset is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

For the Construction Site Playset, you're supposed to use the included box key to open the storage box, but we had trouble with it and ended up just pulling it apart.

Also for the Construction Site Playset, we didn't think it was easy to remove and attach the accessories on the road graders. Young kids will need help from an adult.

For the Port Terminal set, it's a little difficult to remove the log-holding accessory pieces on the flatbed truck.

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