Food Junkie Plush Dog Toy Collection Review (Wagsdale)

Food Junkie Plush Dog Toy Collection
What It Is

The Food Junkie Toy line consists of decorative soft plush, stuffed with crinkly paper, and a loud squeaker. The decoration on these plush is top notch. Colorful, detailed, and often humorous with their punny names, these dog toys are extremely charming. There are a many shape varieties, including burgers, drinks, and even packets of hot sauce, sure to be a fan favorite. Wagsdale recommends these toys for gentle chewers, and if you know the doggos here at the channel well...let's just see how they held up.

TTPM Pets Piper and George tried out a few of the Food Junkies Plush with very mixed results. Piper, despite being a small dog, managed to puncture her plush drink in short order, roughly 5 minutes after receiving it. Very soon after that, all of the fluff came out, but the squeaker remained inside and intact. The straw also detached, but we're not sure that was Piper's fault. George on the other hand, not only kept his plushes intact, but he fit all 4 in his mouth at once and tried to escape the yard so no other dogs could take them. That's an endorsement if we ever saw one! We hypothesize that the more simplistic shapes may be more structurally sound, as the hot sauce packets held together better than the beverage.

Is It Fun?

Your pets will have fun for as long as the plush lasts, and your mileage may vary greatly in that regard.

Who It’s For

The Food Junkies line of dog toys is for gentle chewers only! These toys are on the less durable end of the spectrum.

What To Be Aware Of

- Wagsdale's Great Outdoor plush line is far more sturdy, based on our tests. Try the Food Junkies for gentle players, and the Great Outdoors plush for more moderate chewers.

- Supervision is recommended while playing with the Food Junkies plushes. If you see a tear, or fluff coming out of the toy, remove it from play.

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