Glow in the Dark Disc Fun Pack Review (DNG Sports)

Glow in the Dark Disc Fun Pack
What It Is

The Fun Pack comes with two discs, one eight and a quarter inches wide, and a smaller one six inches wide. You also get a "Dragon Breath" UV flashlight, three AAA batteries, and ten sheets full of stencils. Stencils come in letters, numbers, some dinosaurs, marine animals, and mammals. You may be wondering, what are the stencils even for? Well, just place one on the disc, take your UV flashlight, and then move the light all across the disc. You'll see it instantly react to the UV light and start glowing! Of course the part that the stencil obscures will be unaffected, leaving a fun little design. This lets you customize your disc in any way you want. You can even get creative, use multiple stencils, or other objects you have on hand. During our tests, the glow stayed visible in the dark for over 20 minutes before a recharge was necessary!

What you'll notice is that the included eight inch disc is very robust. In order to get it to fly a fair distance, you'll need to put some oomph into it. Still, when it does glide, it does so smoothly and without interruption. Due to the weight, wind won't knock it off course easily. The six inch disc is a bit thinner, which is better for small children, but watch out, it is more susceptible to wind.

Is It Fun?

Throwing the discs around is fun as it is, but making different patterns using the stencils or whatever objects you think of is super addicting!

Who It’s For

The Glow in the Dark Disc Fun Pack from DNG Sports is perfect for any outdoorsy person age 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

- The disc retains a strong glow for about 20-30 minutes before a needing the UV light once more.

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