Whipper Snapper Dog Toy Review (Ruff Dawg)

Whipper Snapper Dog Toy
What It Is

The Whipper Snapper is a toy of two components, a rubber rope-like handle, and a ball. The ball is cradled in a cage on one end of the rope, and on the other end you'll find a loop. The idea is simple enough, either use the rope to throw the Whipper Snapper more effectively for fetch, or use it to play tug of war with your dog! The included ball is squeaky, but if your dog isn't a squeak fan, you can substitute it easily for a tennis ball.

TTPM Dogs Lexi and Xena tried out the Whipper Snapper, with mixed results. Lexi enjoyed swinging it back and forth to smack herself in the face. For the purposes of fetch however, she's a traditional gal, who prefers a plain ball. Luckily, the ball is removable! Xena on the other hand loves to play tug. In this case, a bit too passionately; our Whipper Snapper snapped too early. Xena is a bigger dog, so it may be that the Whipper Snapper is a better fit for medium to smaller pups.

Is It Fun?

This product can be fun, as long as your dog isn't too destructive. Resilience against strong chewers is not the Whipper Snapper's forte.

Who It’s For

The Ruff Dawg Whipper Snapper is ideal for medium to small sized dogs.

What To Be Aware Of

- The ball that comes as part of the Whipper Snapper is squeaky. This ball can be removed and played with separately, or can be substituted for a standard size tennis ball or ball of equivalent size.

- Our big dog Xena's play was so rough that the rope broke. As such, we recommend this product for medium to small dogs.

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