Nina Ottosson Melon Madness Puzzle & Play Cat Treat Puzzle Review (Petstages)

Nina Ottosson Melon Madness Puzzle & Play Cat Treat Puzzle
What It Is

The Melon Madness Cat Puzzle comes fully assembled out of the box. The puzzle itself is sturdy, shaped like a wide and shallow isosceles triangle, decked out in bright red, neon green and black, reminiscent of a watermelon. There are 6 compartments which can be obscured with either a green up and down slider, or a black rotating cover, shaped like a watermelon seed. Place the treats in the hidey-holes, and alternate how you hide them, then present your cat with the puzzle! It may help to show them how the puzzle works a couple times before they get the hang of it.

TTPM Cat Sansa tried out the Melon Madness Puzzle and Play toy. Sansa is a brainy one, and very food motivated, so she was eager to try this out. She could smell the treats while they were hidden, but wouldn't always know exactly which place they were hiding. She quickly got the hang of the seeds, but struggled a bit with the green sliders. Unfortunately, on some compartments, the green slider doesn't stay in the up configuration, perhaps due to low friction. Overall, Sansa enjoyed the puzzle, despite us occasionally having to coax her back once or twice. She would have trouble getting the treats due to the small size of the compartment / the big size of her head. Pickles the cat was also there, but Pickles wasn't very interested. She's more about parkour than puzzles.

Is It Fun?

This puzzle is fun for the right cat! Owners may need to demonstrate functionality once or twice first, however.

Who It’s For

The Melon Madness Puzzle & Play Cat toy is for curious and active cats who love their treats.

What To Be Aware Of

- Show your cat how the sliding features work first before inserting the treats. It may help to insert treats out of earshot, and away from the treat bag. Otherwise your cat will simply fixate on the bag instead of the puzzle.

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