Dawg-Cube Dog Toy Review (Ruff Dawg)

Dawg-Cube Dog Toy
What It Is

Much like some of Ruff Dawg's other offerings, the Dawg Cube is made of an extremely resilient rubbery material. It is very durable, yet is gentle on your dog's gums and teeth. The Dawg Cube comes in two different sizes: the standard 2.5 inch wide cube, and 3.5 inch wide XL variety. The Cube is solid, and thus, has a good weight to it. Thanks to its unique composition and shape, it can bounce very well! It has a bit more of a chaotic and unpredictable bounce pattern than its cousin the Indestructible Ball. And just like the Ball, it can also float on water.

TTPM Dogs Xena, Haley and two of their canine friends tried out the Dawg Cube. Xena and the her friends loved to play fetch with the cube, and chase it around as it bounced in unpredictable directions. Due to this, and the weight of the toy, the dogs got tuckered out a bit quicker than if they were playing with a lighter fetch toy. This is not necessarily a bad thing! If your dogs are a little too excited and need to blow off steam, consider using the Dawg Cube. Haley didn't much care for the cube's weight. We hypothesize that this product may be ideal for medium to large dogs, even the smaller size, due to the weight. Be careful indoors, as the density and erratic bounce may make it knock into something. After hours of play, we did not notice any damage whatsoever.

Is It Fun?

Our dogs had an amazing time chasing the cube around the yard. The erratic bouncing and high durability make this an ideal fetch toy.

Who It’s For

The Dawg Cube is great for any fetch-happy dog who loves to chew. The toy has pretty good heft, so we think it is best suited for medium to large dogs.

What To Be Aware Of

- Unlike its cousin the Indestructible Ball, the Dawg Cube's bouncing is a bit harder to predict. Be careful when playing indoors.

- Ruff Dawg offers a lifetime guarantee, the details of which can be found on their website.

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