Care Bears Love The Earth I Care Bear Walmart Exclusive Review (Basic Fun!)

Care Bears Love The Earth I Care Bear Walmart Exclusive
What It Is

The Care Bears are a group of huggable BFFs living that sweet caring life and what better way for you to join in on the fun than with the new Care Bears I Care Bear 14" Plush. He comes in a gorgeous duo green and blue color fur, tuft of hair and a rainbow heart and earth badge on his tummy. I Care Bear is here to remind us just how important it is to take care of the Earth. He encourages us to recycle, reduce waste, and walk or ride our bikes when we can. He's always there to make sure his friends care for the environment. For this nature-loving bear, there is no greater joy than keeping our Earth clean for generations to come.

Is It Fun?

It's very plush and cuddly. Perfect example to care for the environment and it's a great addition for collectors!

Who It’s For

This is great for kids ages 3 and up who enjoy Care Bears and love to save the planet!

What To Be Aware Of

This product is only available at Walmart. Care Bears are machine washable.

  • Cute

  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility