The Original Pop-A-Shot Over The Door Double Shot Basketball Game Review (EastPoint Sports)

The Original Pop-A-Shot Over The Door Double Shot Basketball Game
What It Is

Pop-A-Shot comes with some assembly out of the box. If you've built furniture, this will be a breeze, but it might be intermediate for folks who have no building experience. The key is to not over tighten the bolts, and to plug in the electronic connections properly. You'll also need 3 AAA batteries, which are not included.

Once assembled, find the perfect door and hang the hooks over the top. You're ready to play! This set comes with 2 mini-basketballs that must be inflated with the included pump. Press the start button to turn it on, and select either 1 or 2 player modes. The sensor right below the rim of each hoop keeps track of how many baskets you score. The sound feature can be muted by pressing and holding the Next/Sound button. I think a medium sound level would have been a nice option, but I'm glad to have any options than none at all. The balls that come with the Pop-A-Shot are very bouncy, so you might be fighting the backboard for your first few sessions. You do get used to it though, and 2 player mode can be lots of hectic fun! The hoops can fold up by pulling gently but firmly down on the rim, unlatching the spring from the catch, and while still holding the rim, slowly easing it into a flattened state.

Is It Fun?

Pop-A-Shot is a fun time once you get used to the bounciness of the included basketballs. Playing head-to head with another player is hectic and exciting!

Who It’s For

Pop-A-Shot Over the Door Double Shot Basketball can be enjoyed by anyone aged 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

- Adult assembly is required, just to ensure everything functions as intended.

- Once in a while, the game will not pick up a sunk basket if the ball travels at a sharp angle and misses the sensor. Try to shoot from straight on, rather than at an angle to mitigate this.

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    3 AAA batteries required