Color Fusion Nail Polish Maker Review (Make It Real)

Color Fusion Nail Polish Maker
What It Is

Don't just pick any color for your next manicure. Pick a nail polish color that you designed with the Color Fusion Nail Polish Maker.

There's some initial set-up, which is really easy, and then you get to start mixing cyan, yellow, and magenta to make up to four different nail polish colors at a time. The instructions provide 60 color recipes, and you can make one of these or make your own. You can choose a glossy or shimmer base for your polish, and insert the white base pod into the drawer on the maker machine. Close up the drawer and use your color recipe to add the three colors to the base. Remove the pod and insert it into a capsule holder, which looks like a bottle of nail polish with a brush on the lid. Shake it up until the colors are mixed. (This could take upwards of five minutes or more, so be patient.)

The instructions provide tips on applying the nail polish, and the big takeaway here is that applying a base coat first is recommended to prevent staining. You'll need to provide your own base coat. A cuticle pusher and nail file are included to help prep your nails. If you want to add fun designs to your nails, there are instructions and tools for that, too.

Is It Fun?

Overall, the process of making the nail polish is very easy, though we do wish it was a little faster to mix the colors in the bottle. You're going to get an arm workout with that step. We also like that there are color recipes to get kids started and that there's enough base color to make a total of 24 colors. The instructions on nail design and nail art are also really fun and let kids get more creative with their manicures. Results will vary depending on age and skill level, though.

Who It’s For

The Nail Polish Maker is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The kit comes with a nail polish maker, three color tubes, 12 white glossy nail polish capsules, 12 white shimmer nail polish capsules, a nail file, a small tip tool, a large tip tool, a blending tool, a cuticle pusher, a black cup, four capsule holders with brush, and instructions.

There is something weird with this toy. It has a battery compartment on the bottom, but there is no mention of the item needing batteries anywhere on the box or in the instructions. If you open the battery compartment, there are no springs or contact points for batteries, and batteries don't stay in if you try and insert them. We contacted the manufacturer, but haven't heard back yet to solve this mystery.

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    Medium Difficulty