Rainbow High Pacific Coast Dolls and Color Change Pool & Beach Club Review (MGA Entertainment)

Rainbow High Pacific Coast Dolls and Color Change Pool & Beach Club
What It Is

Head to the beach with the crew from Rainbow High. The all-new Pacific Coast theme features Rainbow High characters wearing their most fashion-forward beach attire. The line-up of dolls features Simone Summers, Harper Dune, Phaedra Westward, Bella Parker, Margot De Perla, Finn Rosado, and Hali Capri. All of the female dolls include a fashion, a beach towel, a purse, and sunglasses, while the lone male (Finn) comes with a fashion, surfboard, sunglasses, and cross-body bag. Each doll also comes with a doll stand. Something that's really fun with these beach-themed dolls is that the girl dolls have two sets of legs - one with feet angled for wearing their heels and another with flat feet for walking barefoot on the sand or wearing flat sandals.

The coolest summer spot for the Rainbow High kids to hang out at is the Color Change Pool & Beach Club. There are two lounge chairs for poolside relaxing underneath the iridescent umbrella, two taller chairs for grabbing a drink at the juice bar, and two cups that slide into the holes on the small table, fit in the holes at the juice bar counter, or can be held by the dolls. The pool slides off of the playset to be filled with water, and when you slide it back in, press the button on the stairs to turn on the lights. With each press of the button, you'll cycle through red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or multi-colored lights. Two palm trees complete the look of this playset.

Is It Fun?

Rainbow High fans will like adding new dolls and fashions to their collections with this summertime theme. All of the dolls are nicely detailed and poseable, and the inclusion of two sets of legs for heels or flats is a really nice touch - even if they are a bit tough to get on and off.

The playset is really nice, too, with different play areas for the dolls. Kids will like that they can really fill the pool with water and make the pool light up in all the colors of the rainbow. This playset will inspire a lot of imaginative play.

Who It’s For

The Rainbow High dolls and playset are for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Parents will most likely need to help change out the doll's legs.

Assembly of the playset is required.

The playset requires three AA batteries.

If filling the pool with water, play in an area where it's okay if spills happen.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy