Dog Treat Puzzle Review (Dr. Catch)

Dog Treat Puzzle
What It Is

The Dog Treat Puzzle is a light blue, disc-shaped treat and food housing plate, with 6 tracks that house sliding panels. These panels are in muted colors, and cover up divots in which the food is meant to be placed. The inner panels sport a bone insignia, while the outer ones have hearts. To prep the puzzle, fill the holes with either treats or dry food, and then cover up the filled holes. You can opt to fill every hole, if you wish. Then, give it to your pup and have them solve the puzzle. Most dogs will be plenty motivated to start shifting panels with their nose or paw to get at the goodies. The extra steps and barriers between your dog and the food slows their eating, and offers a fun activity so that they don't eat too fast and move on.

We gave this product a try with TTPM dog Dex. Dex is a healthy weight and doesn't have eating issues, so we have no testimonial data in that regard. Dex did solve the puzzle very quickly, but perhaps he's a seasoned treat puzzle sleuth. This puzzle has just the one difficulty level in the sliding panels, with no other traps or gimmicks to solve. Once Dex caught on, he had an easy time of it.

Is It Fun?

The puzzle is rather simple, so if your dog is only in it for the treats, the fun won't last very long.

Who It’s For

This product may be better suited for dogs who need to cultivate better eating habits or have anxiety issue that require a distraction. It is otherwise a fairly "easy" puzzle.

What To Be Aware Of

- You can either use it with single treats or as an alternate dry food bowl with extra steps for your dog.

- As a slow-eating tool, or distracting activity, it works fairly well. As a puzzle, however, extra steps, gimmicks, or difficulty levels are not present.

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