Hol-ee Roller & Football and Lucky Bamboo Stick Toys for Dogs Review (JW Pet)

Hol-ee Roller & Football and Lucky Bamboo Stick Toys for Dogs
What It Is

JW Pet's Hol-ee products, like its Hol-ee Roller and Hol-ee Football, are all-in-one toys for your dog. Toss them around for fetch, use them in a game of tug, fill them up with treats to function as a puzzle toy, or let your dog enjoy chewing on them. They are made from soft, stretchy natural rubber that's gentle on teeth and gums.

The Bamboo Stick is made from the same rubber material. If your dog loves to play with sticks and branches outside, you'll appreciate that this toy offers all of the same fun, without the damage to their teeth. The stick is easy for them to pick up, carry around, and grip as they chew on it. The center is hollow so you can fill it with peanut butter to double as a treat feeder.

Is It Fun?

Definitely! They offer a lot of repeat play and our dogs loved finding all the different ways to play with them.

Who It’s For

Whether you're in search of a toy that will encourage active play, or one that will provide mental stimulation for your dog, these toys have a lot to offer. However, we wouldn't recommend them for especially aggressive chewers.

What To Be Aware Of

We found that the toys didn't do well with our heavy chewers and started to show damage pretty quickly. Be sure to supervise your pet as they play.

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