LEGO Technic Heavy-duty Tow Truck Review (LEGO)

LEGO Technic Heavy-duty Tow Truck
What It Is

The build for this set will take you several hours, and is about as complex as LEGOS get. There are many different mechanisms that demand acute precision, and great attention to the instructions. Once done, the Tow Truck has an incredible presence. This thing is massive at almost 2 feet long. The blue and orange deco is very believable for a big tow truck that wants to be seen and respected on the road. Don't mess with their mascot on the side, he looks a bit cross! You'll end up with opening doors, an opening hood, and moving pistons on the engine when you roll the truck along the ground. The moving engine is very cool. 4 dials are on the side, and all do different things. One rotates the crane, another lowers and raises the side and back supports, another lowers or raises the third tire, and the last raises and lowers the tow. You can also manually pull the tow down, and see another kind of functional piston! Admittedly, on our first assembly, a couple things were placed slightly off, so the support dial did not work as intended. Be careful when building! These instructions are very complicated. Don't be afraid to go slow and take your time, you'll be thankful in the end.

Is It Fun?

Both the build and the end result are fun, given all the cool features. Take your time when building the set, or else the end result and features will be significantly less fun!

Who It’s For

The LEGO Technic Heavy-duty Tow Truck is a great set for any attentive, detail oriented builder aged 11 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

- Take your time building this set! If you rush, something may end up mis-assembled, and the final product will suffer because of it.

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