SPOT A-Door-Able, Whiskins, and Tug 'N Treat Toys for Cats Review (Ethical Products)

SPOT A-Door-Able, Whiskins, and Tug 'N Treat Toys for Cats
What It Is

The A-Door-Able is a string toy that clips onto your door frame. The plush mouse at the end hangs down so your cat can jump up and bat at it. The elastic cord makes the mouse bounce up and down as they play. You can adjust the cord to your desired height.

Whiskins are felt cat toys inspired by the different types of animals that cats love to hunt. We tried the mouse, but other available styles include a butterfly, fish, bird, or insect. The soft felt is good for cat claws.

The Tug 'N Treat hangs on any doorknob in your house, and dispenses treats whenever your cat tugs on it. The plastic tube stores treats or dry food, while the plunger keeps them inside. When your cat grabs the hanging pom pom and pulls down on it, the tube will release treats. You can also adjust the tension of the bungee to increase the challenge.

Is It Fun?

All the toys come with catnip included, which is always an added bonus. They encourage active play which is important to keep your cat healthy.

Harley and Lola really enjoyed the Whiskins. They were drawn to the catnip and the attached jingle bell helped add to the fun.

Overall, the toys are very simple and they couldn't really keep Harley and Lola engaged -- especially the A-Door-Able and the Tug 'N Treat. Of course, other cats may have a totally different experience.

Who It’s For

Cats that enjoy teaser toys will enjoy the A-Door-Able, while the Whiskins will appeal to cats that like to hunt. The Tug 'N Treat is good for food-motivated cats.

What To Be Aware Of

We found that the pom pom on the Tug 'N Treat was difficult to pull down to release the cat treats.

Each toy is sold separately.

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