Easy Tug Toy for Dogs and Attachments Review (Tether Tug)

Easy Tug Toy for Dogs and Attachments
What It Is

You might know Tether Tug from their tug toy poles. Now, you can find a handheld version, called the Easy Tug.

Each Easy Tug includes a handle component plus one attachable toy of your choosing. The attachment is the end your dog grabs onto. Options include the tough squeaker, the tennis ball, the knotted rope toy, and the braided fleece. You can also purchase standalone attachments separately. The velcro loops make the attachments easy to remove and reattach.

While a lot of tug toys tend to just be a rope, the Easy Tug improves on this concept by adding a designated handle for humans. This means you avoid having to hold a tog toy that's been slobbered on. Plus there's enough distance between the handle and the attachment to prevent your dog accidentally biting your hand when they go to grab the toy.

Is It Fun?

Yes! The Easy Tug reduces strain on your upper body, which means you can play for longer. When your dog yanks on the toy, the Easy Flex band gets pulled instead of your arm and shoulder.

It's also easy to swap out old attachments for new and different ones to keep playtime exciting.

Who It’s For

This is a great toy for energetic and hyper dogs that need a lot of active play.

What To Be Aware Of

A lot of the attachments are made of soft materials or have fringe on the ends, so we wouldn't recommend letting your dog chew on them. But because the Easy Tug is designed for you to play with your dog, we don't think it should be too hard to supervise them.

Be careful of recoil. If your dog is pulling on the end and suddenly lets go, the band can snap back and potentially hit the person holding it.

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