HD Split Screen Video Baby Monitor HD S2 Review (Babysense)

HD Split Screen Video Baby Monitor HD S2
What It Is

Never miss a move; this baby monitor lets you see it all! The new Babysense HD Split Screen Video Baby Monitor is perfect for parents of two who want to monitor their babies on one device - even though they're in separate rooms.

The split-screen functionality makes this possible! You can move each camera even in split screen mode, a feature which we really enjoy!

In the box, you'll find 1 parent unit, 2 baby units, and 3 power adapters - along with 2 mounting screw sets.

This device is hack-proof as there is no WiFi required. It has automatic infrared night vision, the ability to read temperature, and it can zoom up to 4x closer. The battery is rechargeable.

As a bonus feature, it also provides an advanced 2-way talk back functionality and even has built-in lullabies with white noise to help comfort and calm your baby. This monitor has it all!

Why Is It Useful?

Set your baby down for a nap in their bed and attend to other business without worry. With this monitor you'll be able to keep tabs on your little one at all times. With zoom functionality, automatic dark vision, and the ability to read temperature, this one monitor can do it all!

Who It’s For

The HD Split Screen Video Baby Monitor form Babysense is great for the parents of any baby from birth and older.

What To Be Aware Of

- The battery is rechargeable! Keep those AA's in the drawer.

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