Marvel Legends Spider-Man No Way Home Action Figures Review (Hasbro)

Marvel Legends Spider-Man No Way Home Action Figures
What It Is

We took a look at 4 figures from the Armadillo Build-a-Figure wave: Upgraded Suit Spidey, Integrated Suit Spidey, Black and Gold Suit Spidey, and the combo breaker, Dr. Steven Strange. Detailing across the board on these figures is very nice. The web pattern in Spider-Man's suit, where applicable, is sculpted on, not painted. Dr. Strange's robes have a fine fabric texturing to them as well. This makes a lot of sense, since these figures are renditions of MCU Spider-Man and Dr. Strange; the higher level of detail you'd expect is all here! Just as well, the face sculpts look fairly convincing. Spidey's unmasked head looks reasonably like Tom Holland, and Dr. Strange straight-up looks like a miniature Benedict Cumberbatch. We have particularly high praise for the Dr. Strange head sculpt. As nice as the sculpted detailing is on its own, a subtle wash would have done wonders for the upgraded suit Spider-Man specifically, and some areas of Dr. Strange's outfit. To give credit where it is due, the black and gold suit does have gold paint in the web recesses of the suit.

Upgraded suit Spidey comes with 2 alternate hands, a masked alternate head, and a web accessory. Integrated Suit Spidey is light on accessories, coming with just 2 alternate hands. Black and Gold Spidey has 2 alternate hands and an Armadillo Build a Figure Piece, specifically, the right leg. Dr. Strange has the best accessories, boasting 2 alternate hands, mystic effect parts, the Cloak of Levitation, and Armadillo's Head. Articulation on all of the Spidey figures is superb, with double jointed elbows, and knees, a ball-jointed head, waist swivel, ab crunch, the ever-coveted ankle rocker, and more. Dr. Strange has all of that beautiful articulation, but the robe may hinder you a bit more in the legs compared to the comparatively unencumbered Spider-Man. But no worries, you'll probably be able to pull off nearly any pose you can think of, regardless. All in all, great figures! Definitely must-haves for MCU Marvel Legends collectors.

Is It Fun?

Absolutely! Any fan of Marvel Legends or Spider-Man will enjoy the articulation and detail that these figures have to offer.

Who It’s For

The Marvel Legends No Way Home series of figures is ideal for any MCU or Spider-Man fan aged 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

- If you want to complete the Armadillo Build-a-Figure, you will need to track down the rest of the wave. Those figures include Gamerverse Miles Morales, Jonah Jameson, Morlun, and Shriek.

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