American Girl World By Us Makena, Maritza, and Evette Dolls Review (American Girl)

American Girl World By Us Makena, Maritza, and Evette Dolls
What It Is

Meet Makena, Maritza, and Evette - three new American Girl dolls that are part of the World By Us collection. Each 18-inch doll comes with an outfit and a book so kids can read more about them.

The Makena doll has brown eyes and medium-length dark brown textured hair that comes in a twisted style. In her book, See Me, Hear Me, Know Me, there are ideas for addressing racism, real girl profiles, and reader questions.

The Maritza doll has brown eyes and long dark brown wavy hair with red highlights. Her book, Lead with Your Heart, includes tips for advocating for others, real girl profiles, and reader questions.

And the Evette doll has grey eyes, freckles, and curly caramel-colored hair that comes in a half-up style. In her book, The River and Me, kids read a Meet the Author essay about growing up biracial, tips for taking care of the Earth, and reader questions.

Each doll also has a separate accessory pack. Makena's accessories include a leather jacket, purse, and notebook. Maritza's accessories include a vinyl jacket, fanny pack, and water bottle. And Evette's accessories included a striped jacket, purse, and sunglasses.

You can customize the dolls even more with Truly Me holiday outfits with accessories. There's a Pretty Plaid Christmas Dress, a Kwanzaa Celebration Outfit, a Diwali Celebration Outfit, a Hanukkah Celebration Outfit, a Lunar New Year's Celebration Outfit, and an Eid Al-Fitr Celebration Outfit.

Is It Fun?

These new dolls and their stories are a great way to inspire today's girls to work together to create a better world. As with all American Girl dolls, we love the attention to detail, not just in the way the dolls look but also in the accessory packs and the variety of accessory choices representing different styles and cultures.

Who It’s For

The World By Me dolls and accessories are for ages 8 and up. The holiday outfits are for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each doll is sold separately.

World By Us playsets and accessories are sold separately.

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