Let's Craft STEAM School Shape Science and Sculpture Science Review (Bright Stripes)

Let's Craft STEAM School Shape Science and Sculpture Science
What It Is

STEM meets arts and crafts with Let's Craft S.T.E.A.M. School kits. Shape Science is all about exploring shapes with rubber bands and the Geoboard, while Sculpture Science has kids crafting and creating cool experiments.

There are three activities in Shape Science. First, kids do Geoboard Geometry. This is a way for kids to learn about polygons, or flat shapes made of only straight lines. Place one of the five double-sided picture cards underneath the pegboard and use rubber bands to trace the outline of the picture's shapes. Another way to play is with the Magic Water Reveal cards and brush. Fill the brush with water and follow the directions to paint only the triangles, revealing a colorful picture as you go. Then count how many triangles you see. Continue painting the other shapes to reveal more of the picture. As the picture dries, it disappears so that kids can paint all over again. And the last activity is learning about tessellations or patterns of shapes. Using the crayons, plain paper, and fish or bird tiles, kids can trace the tiles to make their own patterns. There are also printed coloring pages with other patterns to color.

The three activities in Sculpture Science start off with toothpick geometry. Kids are challenged to use toothpicks and salt dough to build 2-D and 3-D shapes, such as triangles and cubes. From there, kids use the dough, battery pack, and LED lights to complete a simple dough circuit. Then they can take that knowledge and use the punch-out animal pieces to assemble a light-up sculpture, such as a flamingo with glowing eyes. The kit also includes pieces and instructions for building a wave machine so kids can experiment with how sound and light travel.

Is It Fun?

These kits are fun ways to get kids thinking creatively about science. We like that there are three activities in each kit. While the instructions guide kids through the experiments, kids can also use each kit's tools to create and play however they want.

Who It’s For

Both of these STEM kits are for ages 4 to 7. Adult assistance will be required.

What To Be Aware Of

Shape Science comes with 60 rubber bands, a geoboard, five double-sided shape boards, two tessellation shapes, six crayons, two printed tessellation sheets, two sheets of paper, two water reveal boards, a water brush, and activity cards.

Sculpture Science comes with three LED light bulbs, a battery pack, three tubs of salt dough, modeling clay, 20 paper straws, 40 beads, a paper roll, 36 toothpicks, two sheets of double-sided punchouts, experiment cards, and a sheet of stickers.

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