Arm & Hammer Rock N' Roller Chew Toys for Dogs Review (Fetch for Pets)

Arm & Hammer Rock N' Roller Chew Toys for Dogs
What It Is

These rubber chew toys are Arm & Hammer baking soda-infused to freshen your dog's breath. They come in unique shapes, such as the Whirl, Axis, and more. They're textured with ridges and grooves that encourage your dog to chew - this does more than just keep them entertained. It's designed to stimulate their gums and reduce tartar and plaque build-up.

It can even double as a treat toy! You can insert dry kibble or smear it with peanut butter or dog-safe toothpaste.

Is It Fun?

Our dogs had mixed reactions to the toy. Some really enjoyed it, but some didn't seem very interested. One thing we noticed is that they're pretty heavy and can be hard to pick up, which may put some dogs off.

Who It’s For

Any dog in need of some breath freshening. However we did not find it as suitable for aggressive chewers as we would have liked.

What To Be Aware Of

Given how dense the toys are and how they're designed to encourage chewing, we hoped they'd be pretty durable. But one of our more aggressive chewers was able to start ripping off chunks of his toy within a few minutes.

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