Pokemon Carry Case Volcano Playset Review (Jazwares)

Pokemon Carry Case Volcano Playset
What It Is

In its carry case configuration, this toy has an unassuming, but nevertheless pleasant appearance. A soothing blue base, red adjustable strap, and Pokeball icon give it an iconic look like something a true Pokemon trainer would wear. There's even a cool Pokeball pattern on the black lid with alternating gloss and matte finish.

After moving a couple cleverly hidden panels, the playset mode will be complete. This set comes with everyone's favorite, electric mouse Pikachu! First on our adventure, we can cross the bridge and find an Exeggutor hidden in the brush. Taking a leaf from Exeggutor's book, an Aipom hides behind a giant leaf. Glide over the water to make the Digletts move up and down. Make the volcano erupt to get a surprise appearance from a random Pokemon in the cave below, emerging to see what's causing all the ruckus. This feature is tricky to get just right, but it is possible. Lastly, with another Pokemon figure, which is sold separately, you can use the springboard and leaf on either side of the playset to have battles. If you have another playset, you can connect them via the bridge.

Is It Fun?

This carry case playset is a fun way to take your Pokemon adventure on the go. Set up is easy, as is pack up! If you have more playsets from Jazwares, you can extend your Pokemon world even further. The possibilities are endless!

Who It’s For

The Pokemon Carry Case Volcano Playset from Jazwares is a great toy for Pokemon fans aged 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

- The volcano gimmick is very tricky to nail just right, but with patience and a bit of luck, it will happen. Volcanos are notoriously hard to predict anyway!

- Have your Pokemon stand at the edge of the springboards to get maximum distance and height.

- You will need to disconnect the bridge in order to fold the playset back into carry case mode. It can store inside once in case position, however.

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