Stanley Jr. Monster Truck, Off-Road, and Custom Racer Vehicle Kits Review (Red Toolbox USA)

Stanley Jr. Monster Truck, Off-Road, and Custom Racer Vehicle Kits
What It Is

These sets are fun little activities that can teach young ones about basic elements of construction and building tools. You can build either a monster truck, off-road, or custom racer vehicle depending on the set you choose.

Each set comes with all the raw materials needed, including wood, metal dowels, and pre-made rubber wheels. Screws and nails are included in the materials, so you will need to acquire tools including a hammer, a Phillips-Head screwdriver, and some wood glue. The tools pictured in the instruction set are from the Stanley Jr. 10-piece tool set, which is sold separately. You could think of these new sets as expansions to the 10-piece toolset, so chances are you have it already.

The build process is illustrated very clearly in the instructions. Any parent who has built furniture will recognize the clean-line style of these instructions. This is a great intro for kids to what they can expect from appliances that require assembly when they're older. In about 12 easy steps - which include gluing the base, hammering nails, and screwing in the screws - your vehicle will be ready to roll. Use the included brush and paints to add some flair and show your creativity. The finished car can be used for light play or display.

Is It Fun?

These Stanley Jr. construction sets have a lot going for them. The materials are quality, the instructions are clear, and they simulate the experience of a more robust build as well. In this way, it's a great educational toy. Plus you get a cool car at the end, what's not to like?

Who It’s For

The Stanley Jr. Vehicle Kits are perfect for crafty kids ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each set takes about 45 minutes to build. Be sure to build on a surface where a little mess is okay, due to the paints.

Adult supervision is recommended for kiddos on the younger end of the age range.

Stanley Jr. 10-piece Set tools shown in the instructions are sold separately.

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