Tinkle Crinkle & Friends Activity Gym Review (Baby Gund)

Tinkle Crinkle & Friends Activity Gym
What It Is

Tinkle Crinkle & Friends Activity Gym promotes fun and sensory-stimulating play. It has contemporary prints on premium fabric, 5 sensory toys, and has 3 different ways of play.

The mat has a cute caterpillar that crinkles and also squeaks, a soft cloud with blue ribbons, and a smooth beautiful sun. The sensory toys include a bird and a hedgehog rattle with beads that can be attached to the arc to help the baby engage and explore. The cute bunny rattle has ribbons on the face and crinkle ears. The fluffy cloud is super soft and can be used as a tummy-time pillow. The baby-safe mirror has a sun design with cute colorful ribbons and can be attached to the arc or placed in the playmat for more tummy time fun. I love the mirror as it helps the baby explore and discover other angles.

Why Is It Useful?

The different-textured fabric and multicolored ribbons are a great mix of sensory-stimulating activities for babies learning new skills. It gets the baby engaging with the eye-catching colors and stimulating sounds, while the sensory toys invite the little one to touch and grasp.

Who It’s For

It is recommended for babies newborn and up. As the baby grows, transition from overhead play to tummy time and sit and play mat with the arc removed.

What To Be Aware Of

This activity gym is easy to assemble and easily customizable as the arc has many loops to attach to the toys. The toys can also be attached to strollers, car seats, and more, being a perfect on-the-go buddy.

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