Compound Kings ASMR Sensory Tub and Unicorn Explosion Sensory Tub Review (WeCool Toys)

Compound Kings ASMR Sensory Tub and Unicorn Explosion Sensory Tub
What It Is

Kids know that slime has an amazing feel, and it's that sensory play that WeCool's new Sensory Tubs let kids explore.

The A.S.M.R. Sensory Tub is all about creating slime that makes sound and capturing that sound in ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos. You get three bags of pre-made scented slime, and you can mix in foam beads, snow, and glitter to give the slime different textures and sound effects when squeezed. The set also comes with three cookie cutters, a strainer that looks like a tennis racket, bubble wrap, and foil sheets. To better capture the sound of your slime play, the set includes a mini microphone. However, we couldn't get the microphone to work because you need a separate pin adapter to connect the microphone to your smart device, and that is not included.

The Unicorn Explosion Sensory Tub is a sparkly tub with five different pre-made slime compounds. Use the foam beads, glitter, sprinkles, pom poms, and more to customize the slime. Store your favorite slime creations inside the two storage containers. There are also four different tools to help you mix, squish, cut, and scoop your slime. Don't forget to open up the bag containing the mystery charm.

With both of these tubs, everything can be stored inside, and a carry handle on the top makes it easy to bring the slime fun on the go.

Is It Fun?

We were certainly disappointed that we couldn't use the microphone right out of the box, but even without that, the A.S.M.R. Sensory Tub engages kids in lots of fun tactile play. They can get creative with making slime, and then do different effects with the slime using the other tools.

The same goes for the Unicorn Explosion Sensory Tub. It's got a lot of fun tactile play through playing with the slime and customizing it with the mix-ins, plus the unicorn theme will appeal to kids who like unicorns.

Who It’s For

Each of these sensory tubs are for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The A.S.M.R. Sensory Tub comes with three bags of scented compound, one bag of snow, one bag of rainbow foam beads, three cookie cutters, one sensory tool, one mini microphone, three foil sheets, two sheets of colored bubble wrap, and one bag of glitter. For best results with the microphone, you need a separate pin adapter.

The Unicorn Explosion Sensory Tub comes with four tools, two storage containers, two packets of glitter, a packet of butter compound, a packet of teal clearz compound, a packet of purple clearz compound, a packet of neon bingsu compound, a packet of glitzy dotz, a packet of foam beads, a packet of sprinkles, a packet of pom poms, a packet of foam mixer, and a mystery charm.

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