Natural Leather Antler and Crunch Gator Dog Toys Review (Tall Tails)

Natural Leather Antler and Crunch Gator Dog Toys
What It Is

The Natural Leather Antler Toy is recommended for dogs that like to retrieve and play tug; however Tall Tails advises that this should not be used as a chew toy. It's made from vegetable tanned leather that's stitched together and the inside is filled with natural coconut husk fiber.

From the Tall Tails crunch toy collection, we also tried the Crunch Gator Toy. This soft plush dog toy features a BPA-free water bottle inside that makes a crunching noise whenever your dog bites down. It also includes a squeaker, which is sewn into a separate pouch and stitched into the seam for extra protection. This toy will appeal to any dog that likes noisy toys, and Lexi and Piper couldn't get enough of it. Lexi enjoyed making the crunching noise, and Piper liked to squeak it.

Is It Fun?

Yes! These are fun toys that kept our dogs entertained for a long time (at least until they broke the toys). And they're a great way for pet parents to bond with their dogs.

Who It’s For

Medium and large dogs that like to retrieve and play tug, but we wouldn't recommend them for heavy chewers or dogs that tend to play rough.

What To Be Aware Of

It's highly recommended that you supervise your dog when they use these toys. It wasn't long before our dogs were able to rip them apart and start pulling out the stuffing inside; if you're not paying attention, there's a possibility your pup could ingest pieces of the toy by mistake. On the plus side, this gives pet parents plenty of opportunities to get in on the fun and play with their dogs, instead of just leaving them to play on their own.

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