Kinetic Sand SANDisfactory Set Review (Spin Master)

Kinetic Sand SANDisfactory Set
What It Is

This includes everything you need to create your own mesmerizing sand surprise reveals. With over 10 different tools and molds, and two pounds of Kinetic Sand, there are so many ways to create!

There are four colors; red, blue, yellow, and rare black Kinetic Sand. You can mix them together to create new colors or add marble designs to your creations.

Before you play, make sure to fluff the sand to get it flowing. Then cut, pull, shape, scoop, and squish your Kinetic Sand. Use the the clear tools like the squisher and cutter to watch your designs transform right before your eyes. Use the cube mold to create unique designs with the different colors of sand and cut to reveal them. Slice and dice with the slicer, scoop balls of moldable sand with the scooper, use the crinkler to cut waves, and squish your creations with the squisher tool!

Is It Fun?

Kinetic Sand never dries out so you can use it again and again. This fun arts and crafts toy is full of tactile play with many ways to get creative.

Who It’s For

This is a great toy for kids ages 3 years and up!

What To Be Aware Of

It can be messy so make sure to cover your play area.

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