Etch A Sketch Freestyle 2-in-1 Drawing and Painting Pad Review (Spin Master)

Etch A Sketch Freestyle  2-in-1 Drawing and Painting Pad
What It Is

The world's favorite drawing toy has transformed with a new 2-in-1 dual tip stylus and includes a pressure-sensitive screen with a rainbow reveal! Featuring a pen on one end and a paintbrush on the other, Etch A Sketch Freestyle's stylus is easy for kids to grip and use. Draw with the pen and paint using the brush! The magic screen mimics painting on a canvas. It picks up solid drawn lines and soft brush strokes, revealing amazing multi-colored artwork! With Etch A Sketch Freestyle, you can express your creativity and experience the fun of painting without any messy clean up. When you're finished drawing, simply push the button on the back to instantly erase and start all over! Draw and paint again and again with Etch A Sketch Freestyle! The lightweight and slim design of this drawing pad for kids makes it perfect for travel and road trips. Slide the magic stylus back into the holder and take your Etch A Sketch Freestyle with you anywhere you go- you never know when inspiration will strike!

Is It Fun?

It's a new creative outlet. The stylus has two different tips and it's great for travel since it's pretty small.

Who It’s For

Etch A Sketch toys are great gifts for folks ages 3 and up!

What To Be Aware Of

If you aren't completely careful when putting away the paintbrush tip, or accidentally bending it, then the cap won't go on.

Includes 2 LR44 batteries.

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