Little Tikes Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle Review (MGA Entertainment)

Little Tikes Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle
What It Is

Do your kids watch you work out on your Peloton or stationary bike? Give them one of their own with the Little Tikes Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle. Kids can ride, explore, and learn. The bike features a raised front wheel, pedals with toe clips, an adjustable seat, three levels of resistance, audio controls, and a smart device stand. Once assembled, kids can sit and ride while listening to one of three built-in audio adventures. Turn the dial to number 1 for a jungle adventure. Turn the dial to number 2 to ride to the ice cream shop. And number 3 takes kids on a pirate adventure. (Disregard the instructions for dial numbers 2 and 3. They are wrong.) You can also listen to the adventures in French or Spanish by moving the switch underneath the audio control panel.

Connect your smart device to the cycle via Bluetooth so kids can ride along to favorite songs or YouTube videos. And, in fact, there are free trainer and adventure videos from Little Tikes for kids to watch. Don't be alarmed if the bike rocks back and forth; that's supposed to happen. The cycle is spring loaded, and kids can shift their weight back and forth to move the cycle and enhance the adventures.

Is It Fun?

Kids always want to mimic what they see mom and dad doing, and this toy allows kids to feel all grown up on their very own exercise bike. Even if your family doesn't have a Peloton, this could still be a fun way to encourage kids to get active. We like the three different riding adventures and the ability to listen to your own audio while riding.

Who It’s For

The Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle is for ages 3 to 7. There is a maximum weight limit of 70 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

Adult assembly is required. Some steps of the instructions could have been clearer. We recommend watching the how-to video when assembling the bike.

You'll need three AA batteries, which are not included.

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