Rainbocorns Talkin' Jelly Shake Surprise and Fairycorn Surprise Review (Zuru)

Rainbocorns Talkin' Jelly Shake Surprise and Fairycorn Surprise
What It Is

Rainbocorns are shaking up surprises with two new themes. The new Talkin' Jelly Shake Surprise plush are packaged inside a milkshake-inspired container - with a unicorn horn on the outside, of course. Open it up to reveal which of the six scented Rainbocorns are inside, such as BonBon the Koalacorn and Pudding Pop the Hippocorn. Press their paw once to hear them giggle, and press their paw twice to make them repeat what you say. There are other fun accessories, such as the squishy jelly heart on the front of the container that can be removed and inserted on your Rainbocorn's belly. Kids will also uncover a Boo-BooCorn charm, jelly slime, and a necklace string with beads so kids can design their own jewelry.

Fairycorn Surprise plush are packaged up in more traditional Rainbocorn eggs, except these eggs have fairy wings. Open the egg to discover which of the seven fairy-themed Rainbocorns is inside. Did you get Vacay the Poodlecorn, Toof the Bunnycorn, DJ the Unicorn, Styla the Kittycorn, Abra the Owlcorn, Cookie the Hippocorn, or Honey the super rare golden Hippocorn? Add the egg's squishy, glittery heart to your Rainbocorn's belly, and remove the wings from the egg for you to wear. Then keep revealing surprises, such as color-change Fairycorn poop and a Fairy Boo-Boocorn.

Each Rainbocorn includes a collector's guide so you can keep track of which plush you've collected.

Is It Fun?

We like the new themes for this line of surprise plush, and kids will have fun unboxing all-new cuddly characters. The Talkin' Jelly Shake Surprise features of a talking plush and DIY necklace are a lot of fun, while the Fairycorns have wings for kids to wear, engaging kids in roleplay.

Who It’s For

Both Rainbocorns are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Talkin' Jelly Shake Surprise comes with three AAA batteries.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy