Randimals Plush and Figures Seadog, Zangaroo, Eagard, & Hork Review (Randimals LLC.)

Randimals Plush and Figures Seadog, Zangaroo, Eagard, & Hork
What It Is

Each Randimal is each made up of two different animals which means they have a unique blend of personalities, characteristics, instincts, and skills.

First let me mention that all these large cuddle animals are soft and very cuddly. Let's meet Seadog! He's part Sealion part Dog. An old soul, who's slow and lethargic but with an agile mind. There's also Zangaroo- part Zebra, part Kangaroo. Zangaroo is wild and untamable and a bit jumpy. If you want the smaller hard plastic version you can get that too! Lastly, it's Eagard, part Eagle, part Leopard. He's very independent, often prefers to be off by himself and has strong predatory instincts! Like I mentioned, Randimals also have all these little creatures in a hard toy form. You can also meet someone like Hork- part shark, part horse. Very snarky, sarcastic with a quick wit and always on the move.

Is It Fun?

These come in two different versions. They're all unique and diverse and there are 9 to collect.

Who It’s For

These are fun for quirky kids ages 3 months and up!

What To Be Aware Of

All are sold separately at Randimals.com.

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