Cat Leash and Harness Set Review (Dooradar)

Cat Leash and Harness Set
What It Is

This harness set can be used for walks with your cat, day or night. Included are the harness and a 59-in. nylon walking leash.

The harness is designed with your cat's comfort and safety in mind. The material is a breathable air mesh that can be used in all seasons. The interior features soft edges and sponge cushion so that it can rest comfortably on your cat and reduce their body friction.

You can use the buckles and straps at the neck and chest to get the harness on and off of your cat as well as adjust the fit. Dooradar offers a size guide based on your cat's neck girth and chest girth measurements.

You'll find reflective strips along the edges of the harness that help to improve visibility when walking in the dark. The D-ring on the back is where you can clip the included leash, and it helps reduce pressure on your cat's neck by distributing it across their chest and shoulders.

Why Is It Useful?

The adjustable straps and buckles at the chest and neck allow you to find the best and most comfortable fit for your cat. Meanwhile, the reflective strips on the outer part of the harness help to keep you and your cat safe when walking at night.

Who It’s For

Adult cats that enjoy being outdoors and won't mind wearing a harness.

What To Be Aware Of

Not every cat is going to enjoy using this harness, especially if they're not used to being outside or wearing clothes. Lola used to be a street cat, and she was the only one of three cats who started to warm up to it. But this has less to do with the actual harness itself and will really depend on your cat.

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