My Fuzzy Friends Snuggling Koala Review (Skyrocket Toys)

My Fuzzy Friends Snuggling Koala
What It Is

This snuggly koala has over 50 reactions kids will love! It nuzzles his face into your arm and loves you back when you touch and care for him. Pet his head for some relaxation and pet him several times in a row for a special reaction. Sometimes he'll even get the sniffles! Touch his nose to make him feel better and if you do it several times you'll get a special reaction here too! Even tickle his belly! He's happy and you'll know it as his cheeks glow! Koala also comes with a leaf that you'll feed him when he's hungry! Touch his mouth several times and again he'll have a special reaction! And don't worry if you think you've fed him too much, he'll let you know exactly when he's had enough. Another fun interaction is when you open his paws he'll happily grab on to your arm and nuzzle against you. After some time with no interaction he'll go into sleep mode, but waking him up will be easy. Simply push on his nose!

Is It Fun?

It's an interactive pet. You can cuddle with him and if you loose the leaf you can use anything else to feed him.

Who It’s For

This makes a great toy for kids ages 4 and up!

What To Be Aware Of


  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions