Snuffle Mats for Dogs Review (Other)

Snuffle Mats for Dogs
What It Is

This is a soft mat covered in fabric strips, ruffles, pockets, and other types of compartments that can hide treats and kibble. You can find all of the snuffle mats we reviewed on Amazon from a variety of manufacturers, including Aloya, Awoof, Stellaire Chern, and Runda.

To get started with your mat, we recommend finding some small, dry treats or kibble. You'll want to hide them all throughout the mat and keep them covered by the fabric so your dog can't see. The harder the treats are to find, the more time your dog will spend playing with the mat. They'll need to use their nose to sniff out the food pieces until they find each one. We think any food-motivated dog should be able to get the hang of how it works pretty quickly.

They feature non-slip material on the bottom to keep them in place on while in use. And they're washing machine safe which makes them easy to clean.

Is It Fun?

Yes! Any dog toy that involves treats is a win for our dogs. These are great boredom busters that exercise our dogs' foraging instincts and keep their brains stimulated as they seek out the food.

Who It’s For

Treat-obsessed dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes.

What To Be Aware Of

The soft material can be easy for dogs to tear apart, so you'll want to keep an eye on your pup when they're using the mat.

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