Nerlie Babies Takeiteasy Dolls Review (Distroller)

Nerlie Babies Takeiteasy Dolls
What It Is

The Nerlie Takeiteasy concept was developed after a difficult year for adults and children alike. The Nerlie Takeiteasy are born in a relaxation bubble, making it fun and therapeutic to squeeze. They come equipped with a sponge that helps keep them clean from all the Neo-stars inside the bubble. It comes with a diaper to change your baby after feeding and a pacifier to keep your baby feeling relaxed at all times. There's also a few sheets included that kids can fill out like a birth certificate, neoimmunization schedule, and ID card. There are four different Nerlie's to choose from!

Each Nerlie comes with special instructions listed on the back of the box that encourage relaxation techniques children can practice at home with their Nerlie Takeiteasy. They're also characterized and named by their ability to spread peace and calmness: Sophie-Zen, Breathanie, Serenella, and Relaxandro. Also, a fun story is included that tells you a little bit about how Nerlie Takeiteasy characters made their way to Earth.

Is It Fun?

This set inspires positive play through engagement. It's a great way to teach kids on how to relax and do some needed breathing exercises. To further help with this technique a mandala is included on the box which you can cut, color, and hang up. Best part is that kids can carry this around.

Who It’s For

These are great for kids ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Only precaution is to be careful with the water spilling out if the plug is not in correctly.

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