WeWearCute Cool Maker So Scrunchie Tie-Dye Kit Review (Spin Master)

WeWearCute Cool Maker So Scrunchie Tie-Dye Kit
What It Is

These DIY kits for girls let you create your own trendy influencer-inspired looks from Ash and Em, aka We Wear Cute! The So Scrunchie Tie-Dye Kit has everything you need to customize two scrunchies and a stylish headband, without the mess of traditional tie-dye. With four colors of innovative tie-dye string (the dye is in the string!), the fabric scrunchies and headband, a plastic sheet, and disposable gloves, you can start creating right out of the box! Set up your work surface, slide on the gloves and choose the hair accessory you want to design. Soak the fabric under running water, then wrap and tie pieces of the colored string around the fabric. Place your accessory into a closed bag and let the string work its magic for at least 8 hours, so the string can dye the fabric! Rinse out any excess dye and wear your super cute accessory around your wrist or in your hair! Then, design the other two accessories and share them with your friends!

Is It Fun?

The tie-dye is mess free. 4 colored strings are included and you can gift what you create to friends.

Who It’s For

This set is great for kids 8 and up who enjoy DIY crafts and especially We Wear Cute fans.

What To Be Aware Of


  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions