Kitty Poo Club Litter Box Review (Kitty Poo Club)

Kitty Poo Club Litter Box
What It Is

Kitty Poo Club is a subscription service that sends you recyclable cardboard litter boxes and bags of litter in the mail. Each month you pay $22.99 and each month they send you a new set to replace the previous one.

When you open the box, you will find a bag of litter, and two plastic rails. We also got a scoop with our box. After removing the lid, place it underneath the box and then slide the rails over the edges of the box. There is a removable piece on one of the walls. You can keep it there to prevent tracking or take it off if your cat needs a lower entrance into the box.

Separately, you can purchase a dome to attach to the top of your box to help keep litter contained. This also requires some assembly by folding the dome along the perforated edges and locking everything into place with the tabs. You won't need to use the rails if you're planning to add a dome. Finally, slowly pour the bag of litter into the tray and you're all set.

You can purchase boxes with different types of litter including silica, fine grain silica, clay, and soy. You can also just buy the box and the different bags of litter on their own. Each bag of litter lasts one month, after which you can discard the litter, recycle the box, and start the process all over again.

Why Is It Useful?

The litter and box include features that help prevent tracking and control odors, while the subscription service brings them right to your door.

Who It’s For

This can be a convenient solution for cat owners who don't always have the time to visit the pet store regularly to get new kitty litter.

What To Be Aware Of

We decided to go with the silica litter, which is made to be free from scents, dyes, and chemicals, but it did seem to have a smell which Harley and Lola did not like. When we tried to introduce Lola to the box for the first time, she immediately jumped out. However, other cats may have a different experience.

To find the assembly instructions, you will need to go to Kitty Poo Club's YouTube page and watch their how-to videos. We had some difficulty finding the instructions on their website and there is no guide included when you receive the product, which is kind of frustrating. There are separate videos for the main box and for the dome.

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