Starmark Treat Toys for Dogs Review (Starmark)

Starmark Treat Toys for Dogs
What It Is

Starmark's wide variety of treat dispensers includes the Treat Ringer FlexGrip UFO, which you can fill with Starmark-brand treat rings; the Treat Dispensing Chew Ball, which can be used with interactive treats; as well as the Everlasting Treat Sprocket, Everlasting Treat Ball, and Everlasting Treat Wheeler, all of which are compatible with multiple types of Starmark treats, including its Everlasting treats. All of the toys can be filled with your own kibble at home as well.

Starmark offers three sizes of toys: small for dogs under 15 lbs., medium for dogs under 40 lbs., and large for dogs over 40 lbs.

Even though these toys are mentally stimulating, we don't think they will be too challenging for your dog to figure out. The time it takes them to finish the treat may vary. For example, Lexi completely polished off her treat within 15 minutes. For some of our other dogs, it was closer to 45 minutes to an hour -- but they all managed to finish it eventually.

Is It Fun?

Starmark says its products can provide hours of playtime, but many of the treats didn't even last one hour with our dogs. Still, they were fun while they lasted. The challenge of getting the treat out helped keep our dogs busy and prevent them from getting bored.

Who It’s For

These are a great solution for treat-obsessed pups who tend to get bored easily.

What To Be Aware Of

When it comes to the Starmark-brand treats, our dogs were totally fine with eating them. But just like with anything else you feed your dog, you may want to double-check the ingredients first.

Starmark separately sells refill treats once your dog finishes the first one so you can use the toy over and over again.

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