Cat Scratchers Review (Frisco)

Cat Scratchers
What It Is

The Wall Sisal Cat Scratcher is the perfect option for homes that are short on space. This scratching board is wrapped in sisal material and mounts flat on walls and corners. Once assembled, the scratcher is a little over 27 inches long and 11 inches wide. Each sisal section measures 5 inches wide.

Frisco also offers standalone scratching posts in a couple of different size options. The 21-inch vertical post is wrapped in sisal and includes a batting toy on top, so it doubles as a scratcher and play area in one. There's also the 33.5-inch post and tower, which gives your cat a place to scratch and stretch. It's covered in the same sisal material. with a plush-covered base that provides stability. It even offers a plush lookout perch at the top.

Finally, the Cactus Scratching Post doubles as a fun piece of decor for your home. No surprise here, the middle section for scratching on is covered in sisal rope. The base and the top are both made from a moppy fabric plush for your cat to rub and nuzzle. A ball toy made from the same plush is attached to the top for added fun. It's available in either 22 inches or 31 inches tall.

Why Is It Useful?

The sisal material used on all of the scratchers is really durable and having a scratching post in your home can help discourage your cat from clawing furniture and curtains. Frisco offers a wide range of size and style options so there's one to suit every household.

Who It’s For

Cats of all shapes and sizes.

What To Be Aware Of

Some assembly is required for each of the scratchers, with picture instructions included. You need to have a Phillips Head screwdriver already on hand to mount the wall scratcher.

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