Poochy Pawz City Shoes Review (Poochy Pawz)

Poochy Pawz City Shoes
What It Is

Summer is just around the corner and these City Shoes can help shield your pup's paws from hot surfaces such as pavement, asphalt, and sand. They also protect from debris, dirt, grime, pesticides, and anything else on the ground that may irritate paws.

The boots are made from a Lycra fabric blend, which is breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking. The mesh panels on the back allow air to flow through to keep your dog's feet cool. And the rubber sole on the bottom is non-slip and heat resistant.

They come four in a pack, in seven sizes ranging from extra-extra-small to extra-extra-large. Poochy Pawz has a size chart so you know the right size for your dog based on their paw measurements. They even give examples of certain breeds that correspond to the different sizes.

Why Is It Useful?

The fabric is nice and stretchy, so it's easy to just slip the boot over your dog's paw and adjust the fit using the Velcro strap. This strap helps the boots stay on securely, even if your pup is running around or chewing on the boots to try to pull them off.

Who It’s For

These would be a great option for dogs with sensitive paws, especially those that live someplace where the ground can get very hot.

What To Be Aware Of

Not all dogs will get the hang of these boots right away. If that's the case, it may take a little time before your dog can get used to them. According to Poochy Pawz, the City Shoes are designed for maximum comfort and to allow full paw motion. The sole is thin enough that dogs can feel the ground when they are walking to help provide the security they need to feel comfortable in the shoes.

City Shoes prices range from $26.99 to $32.99 depending on the size and pattern you choose.

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