Tiny Baking and Tiny Robots Review (SmartLab)

Tiny Baking and Tiny Robots
What It Is

Bigger isn't always better. If you like things small, then you'll like the Tiny Baking and Tiny Robots toys from SmartLab. Each of these kits includes small tools but big science learning.

Tiny Baking comes with 17 pieces that can really be used to make 20 different recipes. The 48-page instruction booklet includes recipes for everything from a mini frittata to tiny cupcakes. There are fun facts sprinkled throughout that explain to kids how science is working in the recipe or provide additional educational information. All of the recipes get baked in the oven, so adult supervision is required.

Tiny Robots comes with 26 pieces for designing and building miniature working machines. The fold-out instruction manual shows kids how to build 15 different motorized machines that walk, roll, crawl, spin, and more. Kids get to experiment with gears, axles, movement, and balance, while also learning basic mechanical engineering, such as how to assemble robots and what makes them work.

Is It Fun?

Tiny Baking brings kitchen science down to size for kids. Sure, it's fun to bake cupcakes and learn a little science along the way, but kids will also really like the small size of the bowl, spoons, and other tools, and that these tiny tools are totally usable. (The cupcakes tasted great, by the way.)

Kids who like to build will enjoy tinkering with the Tiny Robots kit. It's a great way to introduce STEM concepts, and there are so many different ways to build. Kids will think it's so cool to watch something that they've built move around.

Who It’s For

Tiny Baking is for ages 8 and up with adult supervision.

Tiny Robots is also for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

When baking with Tiny Baking, you might want to be prepared to make more than one recipe at a time. For instance, the cupcakes call for three wee-spoons of an egg. But that leaves a lot of leftover egg. If you don't want to waste it, find another recipe that uses more of the egg or just keep baking more and more cupcakes!

Tiny Baking includes a storage tin with lid, a rolling pin, a wee-knife, a pizza/dough cutter, a mixing spoon, 3 wee-spoons, a mixing bowl, a pizza/pie pan, a pie server, a sheet pan, a silicone cake and cupcake mold, two silicone finger mitts, and a 48-page recipe book. Food ingredients are not included. All the tools have to be handwashed.

Tiny Robots includes a three-piece chassis, a two-piece head, five gears, three axles, five wheels, two arms with grippers, two elbows, two legs, center roller, extender chassis, fold-out instruction manual, and three AG13 cell batteries.

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