BriteBrush Sesame Street Elmo Review (PlayMonster)

BriteBrush Sesame Street Elmo
What It Is

Last year, BriteBrush made it fun for kids to brush their teeth through cool games in the GameBrush and fun character adventures in the BriteBrush Baby Shark brush. Now kids who are fans of Sesame Street can brush along with Elmo thanks to the BriteBrush Elmo toothbrush. Just like the original toothbrushes, this one uses lights, games, and music to make teeth-brushing fun and smart sensors to encourage correct brushing technique.

The red-and-blue battery-operated toothbrush features an Elmo face at the bottom and a soft bristle brush head at the top. Kids can either brush along to Elmo's "Brushy Brush" song or brush and play the Tricycle Adventure, Silly Sounds, and Music Maker games. The better kids brush, the more stars they'll earn, and the smart sensors guide and reward correct brushing and changing sides. As long as kids are brushing up and down or in small circles, they'll keep the music and games going. When kids are done brushing, the toothbrush lights up in either red, yellow, or green to let parents know how well the child brushed. (Green is good, yellow is good effort, and red is incomplete.)

Is It Fun?

This makes practicing good dental hygiene fun! We like that this toothbrush doesn't just play music; it also makes the experience interactive through gameplay. There will be a learning curve for younger kids, so a parent will need to help out in order for the toothbrush to register the movements. This preschool toothbrush is a bit bigger than other toddler/preschool toothbrushes, which might also make it tough to get into those little kid mouths. But once kids get the technique right, they're going to like playing games and hearing Elmo sing to them as they brush. And they're learning a valuable skill that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Who It’s For

The BriteBrush Elmo toothbrush is for ages 3 and up, although parental assistance is required for young kids.

What To Be Aware Of

The toothbrush includes two AAA batteries and an extra brush head.

This toothbrush has volume control.

This is not an electronic toothbrush. It is a manual toothbrush with electronic features.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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