Automatic Treat Dispensers for Dogs Review (Other)

Automatic Treat Dispensers for Dogs
What It Is

The Peffiti Tech-N-Pop UFO uses motion sensors to move around and pop out treats when it detects a dog or cat nearby. Set up is easy and straightforward. Twist and pop the dome top off and place the food in the center, then place the top back on. Or you can just pour treats through the hole at the top of the dome. Turn it on and off by flipping the switch on the bottom. To get started, just place it on the floor for your pet to check out. When they go near it, the UFO will light up, roll back and forth, and start popping out treats.

The PetSafe Kibble Chase is a roaming treat toy that rolls around on the floor, dropping treats randomly to keep your dog chasing after it. Load the kibble into a little door on the side, and open up a small hole where the food is supposed to fall out. You can adjust the size of this opening to fit many different treats or control how quickly they fall out. Hold down the power button to turn it on and off. This shuts off automatically after 10 minutes; however, if nudged by your dog, it will start back up again.

Meet the PupPod Rocker and Feeder, a smart toy for dogs that challenges them with games and rewards them with treats. With the feeder, load it with treats or kibble and plug it in. We recommend placing the rocker on a carpet to keep it in place, otherwise it can move around a lot on hard flooring. When your pup plays with the rocker toy correctly, it will trigger the feeder to release treats. There are five levels of play that get increasingly difficult. At the start, your dog will be rewarded with a treat each time they touch the pod. Then they will be rewarded for touching the pod each time it plays a "treat sound." Eventually the rocker will play different sounds, and your dog must learn to only touch the pod after hearing the treat sound to receive a reward. The toy will also light up green if the dog hits it correctly, and red if not. You'll use the app on your smartphone to control and customize the games.

Is It Fun?

If loud noises and sudden movements won't startle your dog, then the Tech-N-Pop UFO has the potential to be really fun for food-motivated pets. They'll enjoy figuring out how to activate the UFO to make the treats fly out in random and unpredictable directions that will send them running all around your house.

The Kibble Chase is a durable product that's built to withstand rough play and being picked up. The rubber wheels allow it to roll quietly along hard flooring as well as carpet. It would be nice if it had a few more bells and whistles to capture dogs' attention. There are no lights or sounds, and the dogs also can't see the treats in the toy or where they are coming from, although they will probably be able to smell them.

It was cool to watch Lexi and Piper learning how to figure out the PupPod Rocker and Feeder. We could see the wheels in their head turning each time a new sound was introduced. This is ideal for energetic and intelligent dogs who need toys that will keep them engaged and prevent boredom -- especially when you don't always have the time to play with them yourself.

Who It’s For

Intelligent, active, and highly food-motivated dogs that will enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to activate the toys and get rewarded with treats.

What To Be Aware Of

The Tech-N-Pop UFO tends to release a lot of food at once, so it runs out pretty quickly. The toy will automatically shut off after 30 minutes not in use. But if your dogs are like mine, they'll still poke around it in search of more food. Which means the UFO will continue to move around and pop even when empty. We think it would be better if it could distribute food more slowly, and if there were a way for it to shut off once it runs out of food. Also, if your dog or cat startles easy, this may not be the best item for them. The popping noise is quite loud, and combined with the sudden movements, we can see how this might be upsetting to some pets. It requires three AA batteries, not included.

The Kibble Chase repeatedly bumped into walls and easily got stuck in corners or under the table. It probably works best in homes with a lot of space and a very open floor plan. It requires three AA batteries, not included.

It can take several days or even weeks for your dog to master the first level of the PupPod, and leveling up can take just as long. PupPod notes that the goal of the toy is not necessarily to finish all the levels but to provide your dog with mental enrichment. It seems better suited to medium to large dogs because they eat more food and have more strength to maneuver the pod better. As a small dog, Piper initially wasn't nudging the pod hard enough to make it react. Only after watching Lexi do it did she figure it out. Also, your dog will get a lot of treats if they play with this for an extended period of time. As a result, Lexi's regular food had to be cut down. Alternatively, you could use this for mealtimes. It will need two D batteries, not included.

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    3 AA & 2 D batteries required